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In the ever changing digital world today, to find clients and ensure that your practice gets adequate publicity, you need to go the extra mile. Just adopting the age old practice of spreading the word via mouth publicity will not work. Whether or not a law firm is reputable is not only measured by its clients but also the working force they recruit. Online marketing of your law firm you will ensure these two things with one click. Today every individual spends more than a third of their day on their phones. With the increasing use of smart phones, people have begun to spend more and more time on websites than ever before. In these circumstances it becomes imperative that you adopt modern ways to spread a good word about your firm. Every time someone gets into trouble, the first thing they do is Google for help. In that case, if you don’t have a strong digital presence, your law firm will lag behind.

online marketing for law firms

So what is Online Marketing for Law Firms?

The marketing game today is undergoing a revolutionary change. From traditional ways of marketing including billboards and print advertisements, it has been observed that employing the use of internet into marketing strategies has become a total necessity. Multiple factors go into online marketing which include, firstly, a good webpage, secondly, proper and impactful advertisements along with social media accounts which are updated regularly. Along with this a proper blog ripe with information will attract multiple users to your webpage increasing your connections. All this comes in when you choose online marketing of your law firm.
You really have to ask yourself, where do people go when they need help? The world wide web of course! Here are the services we as Socinova can help you with:

1. Social Media Growth

The way lawyers communicate with their clients has undergone a full 360 degree change today. In the age of digital marketing, the way potential clients look for lawyers has changed. Where once the reputation was built by word of mouth and hearsay, today, social media and increasing dependence on Google for help has changed the way one sought legal assistance. This doesn’t stop here, even after choosing you as their legal representative, the curious clients are eager to know all about you by way of your social media accounts and the past cases dealt by your firm. Most lawyers today are popular due to their active LinkedIn accounts. However, surprisingly, most firms do not have an online presence even on websites like LinkedIn. This is where social media marketing will assist you. Social media marketing shall ensure the following benefits for your firm:

● A solid social media presence which will ensure exposure to your law firm and garner traffic on your websites leading to more clients.

● The customer reviews along with details of your past work will help you get more referrals.

● It will build connections for your firm. A social media presence can ensure that you stay connected with your clients and other firms. It also enable you to keep an eye on what your competitors are upto.

2. Google Advertisements and SEM

Pay-per-click search advertisements have proven to be one of the most successful forms of online marketing. These ads will ensure that your practice is popularised. The modern ways of advertisement depend upon PPC marketing. By this method you can ensure that you oversee what sort of marketing you need and who you want to visit your webpage. The abundance of available options to control the various elements of PPC advertisement requires proper online marketing experts. If you opt for PPC advertisements, it will ensure that your practice is the first when a potential client searches for your services on Google. The following are the benefits of PPC ads:

● It will lead to more and more cases and clients for your law firm as theses ads will generate more traffic for your website.

● It will ensure that you keep a check on your investment as PPC ads give a exact knowledge of how much connections you are making.

● It will ensure that you increase your reach at the same time ensuring that the same is not heavy on your pocket.

3. Content Development

Proper content on your webpage include information regarding your services, past success stories, your employee data and pricing. You may also include the history of your firm and the reasons it was established to ensure that the potential clients connect with you and your firm. This will also ensure that they feel safer with sharing their legal problems with you. The following are the benefits of content development:

● It nurtures leads as it gives out convincing information to potential clients.

● It is essential to build trust as it shows the client how involved you are in the industry.

● It is an effective way to enhance the other aspects of your webpage such as your social media channels, etc.

4. Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters are one of the best ways to ensure that you keep your clients connected with you and the developments in your law firm. Communicating with potential clients is also made easy with newsletters in their inboxes. A personalised email will help you go an extra mile when it comes to building a proper network for your practice. It will give you an edge over your competitors. Allowing the traffic on your website to engage with you by marinating an email list will ensure that you keep in touch with them. The following are the benefits of email newsletters:

● It shall ensure that interested clients can keep a check as to what are the services provided by you.

● Practicing law can be tedious. Online marketing by way of newsletters will keep you stress free when it comes to ways to ensure publicity of your firm by engaging new clients and ensuring that old ones are connected with you.

5. Designing A Website

This is the first and foremost step when it comes to online marketing. Designing your website that is interactive will ensure that your clients can effectively communicate with you or help them through with their possible legal queries. Potential clients don’t just go to your website to look you up but a webpage also enables them to make a well informed choice of whether or not they wish to hire you. So designing a webpage is easily the first step to ensure that you garner more and more attention for your firm. Here are the benefits of a well designed webpage:

● It will generate more clientele for your law firm.

● A well designed website will ensure that your law firm is set apart from its competitors.

● A website will generate huge traffic when combined with SEO services.

6. Organic Traffic via SEO

What is the first step a potential client will undertake when stuck in a legal quagmire? They Google! This is where you need your website to surface first as a Google result. This helps your law firm grow as it ensures that you are the first one they contact when faced with a problem. A good SEO service will ensure that it helps you generate not only more traffic but also compels more and more clients to avail your services. Here are the benefits of online traffic or SEO services:

● It will give you first page Google rankings, increasing your credibility.

● It will ensure that it controls the audience on your website.

● It will generate you more clientele.

● These results will grow with time and display long term benefits.

Socinova can help you attain the above benefits by offering you a full services package that includes designing a website, and ensuring good content on the same. We will also go the extra mile and build a strong campaign to get you more traffic. With a team of experts, Socinova will ensure that the online marketing for your law firm brings the expected results. We will ensure that we develop a solution which caters to your law firm. A personalized team of experts will help analyse areas which need more focus and ensure that we develop not only a website but social media presence along with great content to ensure that clients are attracted to your firm to seek solutions to their legal problems. At Socinova, you can expect the best online marketing services that will push your law firm up the ranks. We believe in catering to the customers needs and developing an online presence that furthers their interests. With these goals in mind, we develop for you a perfect online marketing strategy, which garners new lucrative traffic towards you. If you want to revolutionise the way you firm is seen, indulge into online marketing now and contact Socinova!

FAQ About Socinova's Online Marketing for Law Firms

1.Which social media channels are covered in your online marketing services for law firms?
As a part of our online marketing services for law firms, we market to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Instagram and Pinterest channels depending on your package.

2.What features are included in my online marketing plan?
It depends on your package, but generally content posting 5-7 times a week to your social media channels, monitoring comments/messages, running ads to grow your audience, targeting following on Twitter & Instagram, etc. are included.

3.What process do you follow for a new client?
Whenever you sign up with us for your online marketing needs, we first research your business thoroughly. Then a dedicated social media manager will talk with you, showing you the first set of content we've prepared for your brand. Once we start your marketing, regular feedbacks and improvements are normal.

4.What are the benefits of hiring an online marketing agency for law firms?
Quite a lot. Along with getting professional content marketing benefits, you'll be saving time and money by not having to hire a full time team. Plus, the marketing guidance for your other campaigns comes free.

5.What results can I expect from your online marketing services for law firms?
The biggest benefit is the professional content that will be done for you. Your customers and prospects will be pleasantly surprised seeing the professional, to-the-point content being marketed on your social media channels. Along with professional content marketing, our social media content will also increase your brand's popularity on social media channels and generate more website traffic. All this will ultimately grow your bottom line.

Have questions? No problem! Please feel free to email/WhatsApp us to learn more about our online marketing services for law firms!

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